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Angel on My Shoulder

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So many nights alone
Without you by my side
I never knew what I was missing
But then you came along
With all your special ways
Bringing me joy, laughter, what I was wishing for

My angel
On my shoulder
You give me shelter
You give me love & affection
Everytime I turn around
You're still right here
My angel
Oooh my dear

My wonderful friend
In times of trouble lend
When all the rest of the world runs away
You open up my heart
And make me realize
You would be the one who would stay


When things sometimes start looking out
You're with me
No matter what
No matter how
You seem to find a way
Sharing your love from up above
You're all I'll ever need
God must have sent you to me
Oooh ooh


My angel
Oooh my dear
Oooh my dear
Oooh my dear
Oooh my dear