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September 2001

News for the month of September

The airing date for "The Test" has been confirmed. Krystal will appear on FX's The Test on Wednesday, September 19.

Many of you may wonder if Krystal and the Backstreet Boys are safe because of the terrorist attacks. Tomorrow, Wednesday, the Backstreet Boys have a concert in Canada. They have off today. My assumption would have to be that they went to Canada late last night and are there now. Although, Backstreet Boys, Krystal, and Sisqo should all be safe, this also means that they are trapped in Canada until the borders are opened back up. There are a few dates in Canada, but the borders could be closed for days. We will have to wait to hear any information about the guys and Krystal. Let's keep them, and every US citizen in our prayers.

This weekend's Radio Disney concert in Boston has been cancelled due to the events happening in the USA. So far, the Backstreet Boys have not cancelled any of their dates, and my assumption would be that Krystal will be with them on Saturday.

The Backstreet Boys, Krystal, and Sisqo are all safe in Canada. The borders, I think, should be opening today. Both Leighanne Littrell and Denise McLean were with them. They all will be there until next Monday. Although, I have heard rumors that not all of the Backstreet Boys made it into Canada before the border's were closed, I do not know if this is true or not. I will try to get you any information I can.

The new single for Krystal is Love Is A Beautiful Thing.

Krystal's song, Supergirl was played on today's episode of TRL. Someone's birthday was today, I think Serena Williams but I'm not 100% sure. They put the picture of the person up and the background music was Supergirl!! Yeah!! Anyway, TRL has been playing Supergirl like that a lot recently. They play her song as background music. So, keep your ears open! for her on TRL!!!!


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