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Jan/Feb/March 2002

News for the months of January, February, and March of 2002

This week KRYStAL is recording in Atlanta with legendary producer Dallas Austin!! (Boys II Men, Madonna etc!) The song will be featured on the "Country Bears" soundtrack!!

Krystal will be performing this Sunday at the Toy Fair parade in NY at 200 Fifth Avenue NY, NY 10010. The parade will start at 12:00pm. Krystal will there promoting her new doll which will hit stores this Spring. (Hmm, that reminds me...The guy who is making that doll was supposed to contact me. If you're him, please email me.)
Krystal will be on the Jenny Jones show Thursday February 14th- Valentine's Day. Make sure not to miss this!! It will be a great show! Check your local listings for exact times.
KRYStAL is confirmed to HEADLINE the Radio Disney night at the CHASCO festival in NEW PORT RICHEY, FLORIDA on 3/8/02!!! She will also be in the CHASCO parade on 3/9/02!!! For more info visit:
Krystal will be performing and interviewedon Canada's MTV Select March 15th.
Check your local listings. MTV Select (MTV CANADA) is a 90 mintue video countdown show modeled after MTV's TRL.
Krystal has changed her name to Miss Krystal. Go to the polls page and cast your vote for whether you like it or not.
It also has been announced that she will be having new material this spring/summer.
Krystal will be making a cameo in the movie "The Country Bears"; she will be playing herself.  She'll also be providing music for the soundtrack, which will be out in stores early this summer.


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