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Daily Remix

Krystal on the Daily Remix in January 2002

Written by: Lisa Lombardo

Krystal was introduced during the second segment of The Daily Remix as The Artist to Watch. Krystal brilliantly expressed her feelings, so I decided to capture them and bring them to you first hand. You will notice I inserted what was occurring in the background as she spoke.

As Krystal beautifully sang Amazing Grace a cappella in the background; she expressed that by the time she was two years old she was traveling with her family in churches all over the state. (Indiana) Gospel music made a big impact on who I am. I just love that music. Also...rock and roll. When you hear those bands, I just love em! With the mic-stands, theyre flipping it in the air and flying through the air with it. (With a huge smile...) If you have ever seen me perform live, you know I like that mic-stand thing.

(Enters a live clip of K signing Angel on My Shoulder.)

About three and a half years ago I met the guy who is now my manager; his name is Mookie. He was producing music when I met him and had produced people from like Genuine and Timberland to the Backstreet Boys. We started going to labels just talking about what we wanted to do and stuff. But considering he had such a great relationship with the guy sitting next to me, Kevin, he said, Yo Kev, you know, what do you think about the labels that are interested? And I told Mook, were starting this label, she has a beautiful voice, its angelic and I wanted to be a part of it. And that is basically when my life took a U-turn.

(Clips of the Supergirl video enter.)

You know, youre going to fly to LA, youre going do this and la and la and I was like, Oh my God! You know, my dreams are starting to be put into motion and I feel like I can do anything. And Kevin was like, were going on tour, shes coming, and youre going to open for us. And so I was like, Oh my God! Being on tour was not only a tour, it was a blast.

(Pictures of K backstage hugging Alex and Howie are viewed while she speaks.)

I am an only child, but not anymore. I have big brothers now that I never had before. She turns to Kevin, thanks; I do not know what else to say but wow!

(A live clip of her singing My Religion graces the screen.)

The first night she was doing her sound-check, I was really emotional looking at her and seeing how hard she works and how motivated she is and her attitude kind of helps me gain perspective.

(Clips of the Love is A Beautiful Thing video enter.)

My whole philosophy in life and music is BE YOURSELF! I
just think of myself as being the best and the most excellent I can be. And with that type of perspective then you will feel successful and youre going to be successful. I am who I am and I appeal to all the people that I can. And that is what I want to do, touch their lives.

(Closes with a clip of the Supergirl video.)


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Thanks so very much Lisa!! You're the best!