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BSB Tribute Song

Written by Gina Verderico

Performed by Gina Verderico

Created on 4/9/03


We've been by you're side

For so many years

We're not gonna stop

We'll keep standing strong

No matter what happens

Where ever you go

We'll be by your side

Forever and ever


In times of sadness

Or times of sorrow

We look to you

To cheer us up

But when we're happy

And when we smile

You're there to make us shine


We've been Larger Than Life

And been Everyone

But now it's our turn

To thank you up front

There's so much to say

You mean everything

Just keep in mind

That you're our #1


We are your fans

We'll be here till the end

Through thick and thin

You can count on us

Thank you so much

For all that you've done

We'll love you forever

Just keep that in mind


As we see you grow old

And we grow old too

We'll think back on times

And smile so big

But theres so much to come

There's no stopping now

Just remember always

That we are always here


We love you BSB