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My Encounter With Krystal

I met Krystal on Tuesday, July 24, 2001. Here's how it went.

Hey everyone! On Tuesday, July 24th, I went to a signing for Krystal and it was the best. If anyone gets the chance to go to one, GO!!! I don't even know where to start. I'll start at the beginning.

I live an hour away from the place, so at 1:00, I left my house. Before heading up to Cleveland though, we stopped at a store so I could buy Krystal some flowers. Then, we had to go to another store for a party bag. Early that week, I went and bought her 8 different kinds of candy cuz I didn't know her fav. I also bought her nail polish. It's a dark blue, made by Wet and Wild. It's the kind that I use. I also wrote her a letter, gave her a picture of us from the first time I met her, gave her a song I wrote, and chose a verse from the Bible that I thought fit her well. I decorated the verse up really nice.

Anyway, my mom, me, and my friend headed towards Cleveland. The whole way there, we listened to her CD. When we arrived, we were so excited. We've never been to this mall, so we didn't know where Camelot's music was. We found it, like, right away. There was already a long line for her, and she wasn't even there yet. I was the first one to see her come out. I screamed, "There's Krystal!!" Everyone looked and started saying stuff.

Anyway, all that I had for Krystal to sign was my CD. I noticed that other people had posters of her. I was jealous cuz I wanted one too. Lucky for me, my mom went up to where Krystal was and watched other people meet her. Well, she was able to get us 4 posters. There were two different kinds, and she got one for me, and one for my friend. She also informed us that Krystal was signing anything and everything you wanted signed, and she was personallizing them. I was so psyched.

We stood in line for about a half hour to an hour. Finally, it was our turn to go up. My friend went up first and handed her the rose she had gotten Krystal and also a bear. Krystal thanked her and signed her album cover and one of her posters. Then, my friend got her picture taken with her.

Then it was my turn. I handed her the flowers and the bag. She also thanked me. I then told her a little about what I got her. She was like, "Oooh, thank you so much." She asked my name and she signed my album cover and my poster. We talked for a little bit, but I can't remember all of it. I do remember this one thing though. Let me explain.

OK, everyone knows how Krystal is touring with the WNBA, right? Well, my mom was talking to her tour manager, Bobby, while I was waiting in line. I was going to the game in Cleveland for Wednesday, the day after the signing. Well, my mom was talking to him about it and you'll never guess what happened! This is exclusive news. No one even knows it yet. It's not even on the official site yet. Anyway, the WNBA has cancelled all of Krystal's performances. Half time shows and the singing of the National Anthem. They told her around 2:00, that day!! I know the reason, but because I don't know if Krystal wants the reason out there or not, I will wait until it is up on the official site. But you heard it first: KRYSTAL IS NOT WITH THE WNBA ANYMORE. For Bobby, Mook, and/or Krystal: If you'd prefer this not to be on my site, please let me know and I will take it down.

Anyway, when I was talking to her, I said to her, "What's up with the WNBA?" Her expression changed. I don't want to say she got mad, but you could tell she was. I would be to if the WNBA did that to me. I told her that I was going to buy tickets for the game, but now that she wasn't going to be there, I wasn't. She told me, "I'm glad you didn't buy tickets. You didn't have to waste your money on that." My mom also found out that her and Bobby had bought tickets to the game too, and they had to get the money back.

Anyway, going on. I asked Krystal for a picture, and we took one together. (I know we talked about a bunch of more stuff, but I just can't remember it all.) After I met her, I stood by her the whole time. The way the signing was configured, you could stand right in front of her, behind this bar, and watch everyone else meet her. Well, I stood there and just took pictures. (I took 19 in all.)

While there, I found this stuff out - She has a promise ring, to herself. Also, I don't know if anyone else thought this at all, but I thought her and Mook had a thing going. Well, I was talking, very quietly to this girl, and we were talking about that. I said, "Well, I know she has a special someone." All of a sudden, Krystal looked right at us. How she knew we were talking about her is beyond me. Anyway, I said, "Yes...We're talking about you." And then, the person I was talking to, told Krystal what I was saying. Krystal said, "No,no,no,no." I said, "Well, you are always saying you guys are like Sonny and Cher." And she said, "He's my soul mate." I thought that was cute, for personal reasons that I don't want to share.

So, then, it was almost 5:00 and there was hardly anyone else in line. I had another poster that I could get signed, and I was debating it. Finally, no one else was in line, so I went back around to get it autographed. While I was walking back there, I figured that I wouldn't get this one for me. Instead, I'd get it for my friend, who really likes Krystal. So, I went back up and said, "I'm back!" She replied, "Oh! Hi!" So, I had her make it out to my friend, and we talked a little more. I asked for a hug and then afterwards, we took another picture. My mom says that that one is really, really, cute.(It'll be up here soon under Real Pics.) Then, I left and went back to "my spot" behind the bar.

Well, she was finally done. She stood up and that's when I noticed her shoes. My mom said that they are called spikes. They're high heeled shoes where the heel is really thin.

Anyway, anything that people gave Krystal, they put in a box. They brought the box over to her. Then I said, "Krystal. Open mine up. It's the purple one." She said OK, found it, and went through it. She started pulling things out saying, "Ooh, a song. A letter. Ooh! Candy!" She got to the nail polish, pulled it out, and said, "OOH! Nail polish. I need to put some on." I have the same color on my toes so I showed her them, but I don't think she saw them. Bobby was kind of in the way. She then pulled out the Bible verse. If you don't remember, since this is getting long, I decorated the verse and it's really pretty. Well, at the first look, her facial expression was like, "OMG this is soooo pretty." I wanted to see her expression when she read it, but Bobby got in the way, and I couldn't see it. But she did leaned behind him, and smiled at me. Then, she came to the last thing. The picture of us. She pulled it out and said, "Oh, this is cool. This is a really good picture. I actually look good in it." I then said, "You always look good." Then she said, "I really like this. I'm gonna keep this with me." Then, she took it out of the bag and laid it right beside her! I was so happy. Then, more people showed up and asked for an autograph. My mom decided we better leave.

We said bye and then Bobby said, "See you in August." I couldn't believe he remembered. I had told him earlier that I was going to see Krystal again in August and I was so shocked that he said that. It was so cool. Then we said, "Bye Krystal! See you August 25." And then we left. That was probably the best day in my life. I know I'm missing some details, but this is getting pretty lengthy, so I'll shut up now. I just wanted to tell y'all about it. Go check out the pages on this site now. I'll have the pictures from this day up soon on the Real Pictures page.


This is my autographed album cover


This is the Bible verse that I gave her


This is the first time I talked with her that day.


This is at the end of the signing. I was the 2nd to last person to have my picture with her. I was also the last fan to talk with her.


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