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Kool Krystal Links

These are some of my favorite websites. Check 'em out. *



Wondering how to link me?? Wondering if I have sister sites?? Below, you will find my banner and any sister sites that I have.** Right click the banner, save, then add the picture to your site, and don't forget to add the address to the picture!!

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*If you have a link that you would like me to add, please send the address and/or banner to my address on my contact page. I will be happy to put it up. (If you don't have a banner, I can put any picture that will be linked to your site. Just ask.)

**The banner for me was a quick one a friend made me. I am planning to have a contest for a new banner for my site. But first, I have to get the prize. If I get the prize I want, I know y'all will want to try and make the best banner you can. Keep checking back for details on that. Also, if you would like to be a sister site with me, please email me. We will work it out.