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My Last Krystal Encounter

Hey everyone. I have another Krystal encounter to tell you about. This happened at a Backstreet Boys concert in Cleveland, Ohio on September 19, 2001. OK, let's get started.

First, you need to know that there was a preshow party that Krystal was at. So, since it was in Cleveland, it took me an hour to get there. We had trouble getting there too. My friend locked herself out of her house and she didn't have on shoes. So, we had to wait until her step-mom got home. I was so mad. Anyway, we made it to Cleveland and got to the mall where Krystal was playing. I had no idea where she was going to be at cuz I've never been in Tower City before. While we were trying to find it, I yelled, "STOP!! Listen." I was hearing Supergirl. I yelled, "THAT WAY!!" We ran to the spot. There was this huge crowd there. Trying to find a place to sit was crazy. I had taken my camcorder and I taped everything after Supergirl, which was Angel On My Shoulder and Amazing Grace. Words cannot express how much talent this girl has. I'm going to try to get some of my video on the internet for y'all so you can check her out.

OK, going on. After she performed, she left for the arena. My sister, my friend, and I then went into the music store and I bought her album for the 3rd time. I was planning on getting autographed for someone for their Christmas present. I can't say now though, cuz they might come to my site before Christmas and then they would know their gift! So, until Christmas is over, no one will know who it was for. :) Except for Krystal. I told her who it was for.

We then went to the arena. My mom just dropped us off cuz there was major traffic. With the concert and the Indians were playing, it was very conjested. Well, when we arrived, people started shouting my name. I was like, "Who's calling my name?" It turned out to be my friends. What happened was the Gund was not letting cameras in at all. They were checking EVERYTHING. Well, my friend were caught and they wouldn't let them enter. So, they wanted to put their stuff in my car. So, we had to call my mom and it took her about 30 minutes to get back to us. She stopped in the middle lane and had us open the car and dump our stuff in. Then, we went back. And goodness gracious, they were checking everything. They wouldn't even let my sister take in hot sauce for Howie. They made her throw it away. They were really strict that night, which made it one of the worst concerts I've been too.

When we went inside, I went to the suvonier shops to buy a Krystal shirt so I could have her autograph it. Personally, I liked the other shirt that says K just like the Superman shirts. But, that's an all black shirt and she would be able to autograph it. So, I bought the one with her face. Then, we went to find where she was going to give autographs. Goodness, it took me forever, but I finally found it. I was the first one there.

I stood there all throughout her performance, which really sucks cuz I've only seen her perform once. All the other times, I've made sure that I was the first one in line. Oh, I've met her 3 times in concert. Once in Columbus, then in Texas(Dallas), and lastly in Cleveland. I only saw her perform in Columbus, but she only sang 3 songs. :( That's OK, I think waiting in line is worth it, cuz the first people always have more time with her.

Well, when she came out, every person there screamed. My poor ears. :-) Well, when she finally sat down, I put my shirt on the table and said, "This is what you're autographing. And this stuff, is for you." It was a picture of us, her favorite candy which will remain mine and Krystal's secret, and an ornament that's a gold plated piano with crystal's on it. She was speechless. I think she said something like, "Oh my gosh!" I don't think she really said anything after that. All I know is that she liked it.

Then, I moved to the side and my sister got an autograph on the album. I told Krystal who it was for and that it was their Christmas present and she said, "Awww, that's so sweet." She knows that I have bought 3 albums already. Then, my sister and I moved out of the way.

Before the concert, I made a business-like-card that I could hand out to promote my site. I made at least 128 and passed them all out. My sister and I then started to pass them out. Oh, and I want to thank anyone and everyone that came to this site because of that card. Thanks.

After I passed the cards out, I stood near Krystal so I could see her and talk with her. I do want to get something straight though. A lot of people -- especially securtiy guards -- think that I'm a mean, stuck up person who does not care about other peoples feelings cuz I am always talking to Krystal when other people are getting their autographs. That is not the case. In fact, it's the complete opposite. I want to make sure that everyone who is a fan of Krystal, has their time to talk with her. If I get to talk with her, I want other people to talk with her. This is how I always talk with her. First off, I wait until the fan has given Krystal what they want signed. Then, I check to see if the fan talks to Krysal. If they don't talk to her, I see if Krystal is talking to them. If no lips are moving, and I don't hear any sound coming from either, then I ask Krystal my questions. I am very respectful of the fans and of Krystal. I try never to be rude or mean or stingy. I am always thinking of others. Besides, that's what I'm doing when I ask her questions. I'm thinking of all you who are reading this right now. Yeah, you!! I want to be able to get inside information about her for you.

Well, these are the things I commented to her or asked her. First, I made a comment to her. I had been watching security guards all night. They were being really rude to everyone. Pushing them to go faster, not letting them say much to Krystal, and so on. So, I decided to comment that to her. I said, "Krystal, these guards are so rude to your fans." She answered back, "I know!! They're so mean." She then lowered her voice because they started to look at her. All I could make out, was her face, which is hard to describe.

The next thing I asked was, "Krystal, are you planning on having a charity soon?" She replied, "Yes. I'm actually in the process of one now." I said, "So, do you have one now, or not?" She told me, "No, but I'm working on it."

While I was watching people get autographs, there was this one fan that handed Krystal a pillow case that had pictures of her, I think, on it. Krystal was checking it out and then said, "Ohhh, this is the nicest thing someones ever given me." Now, I'm over at the side, and I hear this and I just blurt out, "HEY!!" Now, if I would have thought before speaking, I would have never said that. But, Krystal looked at me and said to the girls, "Well, besides hers." I felt bad because that meant Krystal was saying to that girl, "Oh, after Gina's, yours is the best." Now, I should feel bad. I've gotten her several nice things that she's absolutely loved. But, I just feel bad. Right after she said that, I felt bad, and I tried to make up for it by saying, "Oh, I've given you several things. Someone else can have something better than me." OK, what do you think about that? Isn't that so dumb? Why did I say that? Oh well. What's said is said. I can't take it back.

My last question was, "Krystal, how many songs did you sing at Tower City?" Unforetunately, she did not hear me and had to ask me what I said again. I asked her again. Well, this peeved a guard of and he came toward me and started yelling at me telling me that I had to go away and stop asking questions because it was slowing the line down. Well, with him coming near me, it blocks my view to Krystal and also her view to me. Meanwhile, Krystal is trying to tell me how many songs she did. She keeps yelling the number but the guard is in both of our ways. We both are trying to move around him to see one another and just when we can, he gets in the way again. Finally, Krystal had enough, stood up, raised up 3 of her fingers, and yelled, "THREE!!!" When I finally heard the answer, I told the guard, "OK! I'll stop." Then, I walked away. When Krystal and I could see each other again, we exchanged glances and laughed at the guy. He was so rude.

Getting on...I stood there watching other people get autographs, when all of a sudden, guess who I see?! Bobby!! Krystal's tour manager. I yelled his name out. He then turned around, and surprised, he says, "Hey!! How are ya?" I told him I was good and asked about him. He told me the same. Then I asked, "Do you remember me?" He told me, "Of course I do!!" I then said, "Here's the test. Where'd we meet?" At that point, a guard must have looked at me cuz I was like right next to Krystal cuz he was. He took my arm and said to me, "Here, come this way. There are some mean police here." I asked him again when we were over far enough and he said, " Sorry." I told him it was OK and when we met last. He said, "Well, I knew your face. Do you realize how many places I have been to. I have been to..." And then he named all the states and countries he's been too. I don't remember the exact number and I don't want to give wrong information. Anyway, we stood there and talked for probably about 20 minutes. I told him about the site and gave him one of the cards. I also told him what I gave Krystal. He told me that because it's something so nice and unusual, I might see it in the future. Let's cross our fingers. That would be nice.

After a while, he told me that he had to talk with some people that he was having a meeting with later. So, after he left, I decided that I better leave too because Sisqo had already finished his set, and I didn't even know where I was sitting. So, I went near Krystal and said, "Krystal, I love ya girl, but I gotta go find where I'm sitting. I'll see you later." She replied, "Bye honey. It was nice to see you again." As I turned to leave, I saw a security guard coming towards me. He never caught up with me though.

Pictures coming soon


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