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Winter '02

News for the months of November, December, January, February, and March of 2002 and 2003

Owner of KrystaLuvers gets ready to do major updates on the site.  She notices nothing much is happening on Krystal though...
Krystal, I mean Miss Krystal, is filming an episode of "Touched by an Angel" that will air in December.  She has a leading role too.
Announcement of new official site coming soon was made.
Miss Krystal came home for the holidays to spend time with her family.  She made an appearance at her church in her hometown of Anderson, IN. 
(Thanks to A-Town Rockstar & Ardnekenra1506 for this info!)
A new year, a new beginning, a new Krystal maybe!  Stayed tuned all this year for updates on Miss Krystal and KrystaLuvers.
The It Factor Los Angeles is premiering on BRAVO Network next week and features Miss Krystal.   The show premieres Monday, January 13 at 9:30 pm EST.   Check out this link, or the pictures page on my site, for some Miss Krystal pics from the show:

Miss Krystal is now planning to become an actress.  That is the theme on The It Factor.  If you visit the link above The It Factor, you can learn more about the show and what Miss Krystal has to say.
It's finally been announced!! Krystal will be guest starring on Touched By An Angel on February 22, 2003 at 8:00pm EST.  Check out the "Krystal on TV" page for more shows she's on.
Krystal has been working on her new album during her nights.  During her days, she goes for auditions for acting.  She has received a part on the TV show "Save the Last Dance."  Watch for more details.


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