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Yahoo Chat Transcript #1

This is the transcript from the Yahoo Chat on Monday, March 19, 2001. I was not there, but I was able to get the transcript. This was her very first chat.

Yahoo_Host1: Krystal has joined us in the chat room - let's give her a big Yahoo! Chat welcome!
krystal_live: Hey what's up everybody?!?

ncfox1432: how do you like opening for bsb?
krystal_live: It is AWESOME, their support is incredible, everything is like a family being on tour with them, which makes it really awesome...

no1krystalfanatic: Hey Krystal! This is Chloe! ;) Have you noticed a change from the fan response from the beginning
of the tour up to now?
krystal_live: What's up Chloe?!? The fan response was actually totally cool from the beginning,
krystal_live: but now the lines when I sign after the show are all around the arena...I stay through half the boys show!
krystal_live: It's hard for me to express in words how thankful I am to all of them.

krystal4ever69: Krystal--What was your first show like?Were you nervous?l love you!
krystal_live: LOL! Thanks a lot! My first show was cool, awesome, actually I wasn't very nervous,
krystal_live: I was pumped and had that adrenaline rush.
krystal_live: I didn't know what to expect, it's my first tour, so my first show, first tour in front of 15,000 people, I didn't know
what to expect.
krystal_live: Kinda crazy!
krystal_live: But the fans totally welcomed me with open arms, and it ended up being great, no nerves at all.

krystalpiano: I want to know if you are coming to Canada with the boys this summer
krystal_live: Totally! I'm going to be actually on the tour up until it ends in November, so I'm going everywhere they go, including Canada, I love Canada! And can't wait to come back with the Boys to Canada.
krystal_live: The CD is titled Me and My Piano, will be out the first week of July.
krystal_live: The first single Supergirl will be out in middle of April.

tightchaps: Hi Krystal! I just wanted to know if you are putting "I'll Be There" on your CD?? And I was also
wondering if you ever got to ride the rollercoaster in Vegas?
krystal_live: LOL! No, I didn't, I really wanted to, but I was too busy watching Prince videos in my room!
krystal_live: And, no I didn't get a chance to put I'll Be There on the CD, but maybe sometime in the course of everything this year I'll be able to do it this year and I'll be able to put it out, because all my fans love that song, and I love that song, cause it's Michael Jackson, my hero.

watergirlpromo: Hey Krystal!! I'm 19 and from California and I just want to say that you're awesome and an inspiration to many. How does it feel to be an idol? Inspiration?
krystal_live: thank you so much, wow, because I strive to be that and to love people as much as I can.
krystal_live: I honestly look at myself as a regular girl doing regular girl stuff.
krystal_live: But I just have a desire to love people and make them feel happy and make them feel part of something really special, and inspire them.
krystal_live: I believe that anyone could do what I'm doing if they have a desire to inspire and be themselves.

watergirlpromo: Krystal, what's your favorite song that you've done and why? -Marisa aka M-Boogie, 19
krystal_live: Man, man, man, there are so many songs that I love, but I love the song Human Nature by Michael Jackson.
krystal_live: Then of course I love all gospel music.

LilBACKSTREETaliens218: hey Krystal...I met you in NY and you were so nice.. I was wondering If you wrote any
songs that are gonna be on your albums and if yes which ones..Also did any of the BSB write any for you..Thanks Dawn
krystal_live: Thanks gosh! Actually I co-wrote most of my album with my manager's brother, J. Morant.
krystal_live: He knows me really well so it's easy for he and I to write together. The Boys did a duet on my album called You're The Reason, but we didn't really write any songs together on this album.
krystal_live: Ha! It was awesome, both are awesome, the Boys are really nice and talented, and the song represents their support for me, and totally teamwork.
krystal_live: But I come from a totally mixed up background, so it's normal for me to work with them and then with DJ Lethal. DJ Lethal is awesome, he rules, he's so dope. I also just collaborated with him on a song on his album.

chikita416: Krystal, you're great and we love you. Just wanted to know what you prefer at this point in your career:
writing, creating or performing? Thanks:)
krystal_live: I love you too first of all! I love all those things, but my first love other than writing is performing. Creating kind of comes with performing, because for me performing goes on the spot, performing rules, all the people I grew up learning from, Michael and Prince, are all dope performers, so definitely performing.

movie_2gether: Can you describe what you're feeling when you hit the stage & you see over 15,000 people sitting in
the audience?
krystal_live: LOL! I'm awfully happy! I get real excited, because it's another opportunity to meet a bunch of people, let them know who I am and get to know them.
krystal_live: And it's another chance to give back to the people who love and support me.

skitt_l: What type of music do you listen to when you have free time?
krystal_live: I listen to lots of different types of music.
krystal_live: But I listen to Limp Bizkit, Lincoln Park, Poppa Roach, Incubus I love, but on the other hand I also listen to DMX, D'Angelo, I'm soul and rock.

bsbgirl99_1999: How do you feel about Napster? Luv Samantha, Vegas
krystal_live: I think Napster rules!
krystal_live: Honestly.
krystal_live: Anything that makes music more available to people is good.
krystal_live: You can't avoid all the people that will steal stuff, with or without Napster. They'll still not want to buy your CD and get it for free.
krystal_live: But for people who maybe can't afford to buy music all the time, it's awesome, that they can get your music and learn more about you.
krystal_live: Napster has personally done a lot for me because I'm a new artist, and people who haven't heard of me have gotten to hear my music totally.

Yahooligan_Adam: Krystal, did the Backstreet Boys ask you to perform for them or did u ask them?
krystal_live: I hooked up with the Boys through my manager, Jonathan "Mook" Morant.
krystal_live: He knew the Boys when they first started, did 3 or 4 songs on the first album, like Let's Have a Party, he's very good friends with Kevin.
krystal_live: So Mook had gone out to all the record labels like you do when you're a new artist, and out of the blue he was on the phone with Kevin one night and Kevin heard some of my music,
krystal_live: he told him about what we'd been doing, and Kevin said we'll be starting a new record label and we'd love to have
Krystal as our first artist to break our label out.
krystal_live: And that was it, it was all because of my manager, and he is my best friend.

gurlie008: Hey Krystal! My name is Nicki and I think you have an awesome voice and I love your music!! My question for you is who inspired you to become a singer and will you be coming back to Arizona? Thanks!!
krystal_live: Hi! I don't know all the dates for the summer, but I hope to be back to Arizona, I hope so, it's a wonderful place!
krystal_live: My main inspiration for wanting to do what I do, first musically it's Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Prince, Bon Jovi, Elton John, Ray Charles.
krystal_live: But I've been singing since I was two years old in front of people, so it seems I've always been inspired to do what I love, which is music.
krystal_live: My parents trained me to be a musician and to that's how it is.

cindy_01_99: What is your favorite prince video?
krystal_live: LOL! OK, let me think about this....
krystal_live: I love Sign O' The Times.
krystal_live: Because I love all the songs on that whole video, but I love the end when he does Purple Rain in that hooded, studded up thing he's wearing, it's so dope, oh my gosh.....

shawnaugh4bsb: You have said AJ is like your twin- are you close to him?
krystal_live: AJ and I are pretty good friends actually, we have a lot in common which has made it easy to chill together and sing together and stuff, so we are kind of really good friends.

nightmonkey109: What Has Been Your fav Show So Far?
krystal_live: All the shows have been awesome honestly. But in particular, one night in Tacoma, Washington my piano broke,
krystal_live: And the last song in my show I do with just my piano and me and it broke!
krystal_live: And to me that was awesome because that gave me a chance to freak the piano, get up and sing the song accapella, and everyone stood up and was screaming, and it was a real blessed night for sure.

musicangel847: Have you taken any voice lessons? If so, how long?
krystal_live: I started taking voice lessons when I was 2, because I started singing in front of people then.
krystal_live: Then when I was three I started taking piano lessons. When I was seven I started taking drum lessons,
krystal_live: and when I was 11 I started flute.
krystal_live: And then just about 2 years ago, I started playing guitar.
krystal_live: So the answer to your question, is yes!

sk8ing_hottie_4u2c: I was there that was great!!!You rocked Hard core
krystal_live: LOL! Right on!

kmohrlax: yep you and your piano are awesome, I love Supergirl, not to mention that's what you are
krystal_live: Thank you!

snow_white_girl2001: Hi KRYStAL, and Mook, first I just want to say that you guys are awesome, and I was wondering if Krystal had any plans to do any TV shows any time soon, like to promote her album?
krystal_live: Well some of that might be coming up, but I can't really tell any specifics or when, but that might be in the near future.

kalmkaos: Hey Krystal! You Rock!!! What can we expect on Me & My Piano? Will you actually be playing on the album? Keep up the amazing performances!
krystal_live: Thanks a lot! Actually on every song on the album I play the piano, that's why the album is called Me and My Piano.....
krystal_live: Cause the piano is like my best friend and I don't do anything without it.

Yahooligan_hockey25: Where are you from?
krystal_live: I am from Indiana, a little town called Anderson

shawnaugh4bsb: What was the best piece of advice you ever received?
krystal_live: Oh man, I believe the best advice I ever received was to be yourself.
krystal_live: Although that can be hard sometimes cause you don't know who yourself is, I've run into that, but it's a good challenge, because when you try to be yourself, you can be the superhero that you really want to be.

NICKYGCNME: Krystal, I heard you already shot your first video. I wanted to know where and when we could see it? Any chance for a TRL premiere?
krystal_live: Yes, there is a big change for a TRL premiere. And the video will be out when the single comes out which is in the middle of April.

Yahooligan_lexi: I was at your concert and I love your music do you get nervous on stage? If so how do get over your
krystal_live: No, actually I don't get nervous on stage, I think I'm probably more comfortable on stage than I am in real life.
krystal_live: Before I get on stage I always get down on my knees and pray, and you will be surprised what the peace of the Lord will do when you go on stage, it makes it like I'm in my own room.

nobl107: Do you get recognized a lot?
krystal_live: It's starting to happen....when I'm on the road, sometimes I can't go outside the hotel because there's crowds hanging around or whatever, but I'm not Elvis yet, I'm still a regular girl, I'm a regular girl at heart, so it's all good.
krystal_live: Oh yes, are you kidding me, she rules, she is so dope, she attacks the piano, she is so dope, she is such a piano rocker, I watch videos of her just to watch her rock the piano.

angelnoname1: MODERATOR PLEEEEEZZ!!!!!! What do you think of the artist PINK, you guys have been said to have a lot in common.
krystal_live: LOL! Maybe it's the hair!
krystal_live: I think Pink's cool, she's totally being different and I totally respect anyone who just makes it a point to be themselves and to do their thing, so she's cool.

debyfernandes: hey!! I noticed you have a tattoo!! what is it?
krystal_live: My tattoo is on my left shoulder, and it's a turquoise blue K on my arm with three stars around it.

bsbbabe1999: Why do you sing Supergirl? My friends think it is because maybe you had a friend that was a supergirl
and she was lost to a tragic car accident. -Stephanie
krystal_live: Actually no, there wasn't any big tragedy that inspired it, Supergirl is basically about anybody, there is a supergirl inside of everybody, regular people going through their problems but yet they want to make an impact in the world around them, it's an anthem to let them know that inspite of their circumstances they can make a difference in the world around them and in people's lives around them.

Ikle_Deville: Hey Krystal, this is Becci from England, I LOVE your music, its soooo cool. I was just wondering what
your vocal range is? Take Care, Love ya!
krystal_live: First of all, hi, I can't wait to go to England, we'll be there in the near future...
krystal_live: My vocal range is about from -- this is hard to figure out, I've never thought about it -- it's from about E below middle C on a good day, up to, shoot.....let me think about this....almost the top of the keyboard.
krystal_live: On a good day!

sisqokids: What's your fav BSB song?
krystal_live: It's More Than That.

watergirlpromo: Hey Krystal, who is your favorite female artist? -Marisa, CA
krystal_live: Even though I don't listen to females very often, my favorite female artist, probably gotta be either Madonna or Annie Lennox.

skitt_l: I heard that you collect comic books. Which are your favorites?
krystal_live: Superman of course.
krystal_live: For obvious reasons!

farmboyinboxers: who influenced you the most outside the music industry?
krystal_live: Well my biggest inspiration outside of the music industry - this encompasses everything music, life, everything - that's Jesus Christ.
krystal_live: Without Him I wouldn't be where I am right now, I might not even be alive. He enables me to go on when I don't feel like going on, and He inspires me to love people.
krystal_live: And to inspire them.
krystal_live: He's everything to me.

nobl107: What is it like to be so open with your religion (which is awesome)?
krystal_live: Oh, thanks! It's just me being myself really. Me being open about religion is me being who I am about my
relationship with God.
krystal_live: God has so changed my life that there is no way I could keep it inside, I want everyone to know, I want them to feel the same way I do.

musicangel847: What is it like to open for them every night and do you get the same rush of performing every time?
krystal_live: Yes, actually!
krystal_live: I definitely do!
krystal_live: It doesn't matter to me if it's in a little club, or a big giant stadium, either way the rush is the same, the people man, they're awesome.

krystal4ever69: Hey!Where can we write to you?I love you..and Kevin was right!You do sing like an angel!
krystal_live: First of all, thanks a lot, so much love for me I can hardly stand it!
krystal_live: You can always log onto my website,
krystal_live: I usually get on there at least once a week to respond to emails, and I always read them, so that's the perfect place to do that.
krystal_live: And there's also a link on the Boys official site to my website.

Yahooligan_Asuperstar28: When do you get chances to be with your family?
krystal_live: Good question! I don't really get a chance to be with them too often right now, cause I'm on the road, my first bust out and everything.
krystal_live: But I get a chance to see my mom and dad a couple of times when they come to a video shoot or to see one of the shows.
krystal_live: Actually they are here right now at this video shoot I'm doing today.

priness1622us: who is your favorite Backstreet Boy?
krystal_live: I get asked that question a lot....I love all the Boys, so it's hard for me to narrow it down to one. Kevin in particular is like a big, big brother to me, they are all like big brothers to me, but he's like the big, big brother, the one who makes sure everything goes right, my personal bodyguard in the music business.
krystal_live: He's sincere, hardworking, and an all around cool guy.

madikyleigh: Krystal, it's Kristin.. I love you! And miss you! Send my mom and I's love to Mook as well! :) I was
wondering, have you been able to have your FAVORITE cookies since you last did in MI when your family was there?? lol
krystal_live: Oh, man, I ate all those cookies, every single one! Mook tried to eat some, but he said they were too darn, I had to eat them all!
krystal_live: But Mook says he still ate a bunch, cause that's his duty!

skayc7: What song are you shooting right now?
krystal_live: Supergirl!

drewbie82: I just wanted to say that I _love_ "My Religion" and my dad's a minister and he thinks that you're awesome!-Jenny (I was at the Oakland concerts :-)
krystal_live: Right on! My dad is also a minister. And I grew up in the church, so I can relate to everything and anything you would ever experience!

blondy3346: What is your favorite thing to do in your downtime?
krystal_live: Probably my favorite thing to do, other than just laying around and resting, is spending time with my best friend and manager, Mook.
krystal_live: He is like the love of my life, he is awesome, he always takes care of me, I know he loves me very much, we're like the Millennium Sonny and Cher, the Sonny and Cher that isn't wrecked.

Yahooligan_Lexie: I am 10 and didn't like music that much I saw you and got right back into piano now I love it thank
you so much!
krystal_live: Mook rules! everybody is going to know that, I don't go anywhere without him, and soon I hope to move a little closer to him so I can spend more time with him.
krystal_live: You are so welcome, keep on playing girl...Thanks!

kamisupergirl: Hey Krystal, it's Kami and Holly! We want to know when your c.d. Me and My Piano is coming out? (and send our love to Mook and Crus) =)
krystal_live: The CD comes out the first week in July.
krystal_live: And the single Supergirl is going to be out in the middle of April, with the video.
Yahoo_Host1: We're just about to wrap up!

krystalpiano: Krystal i think that you have a wonderful voice!! I want to know what is your biggest dream now??
Sophie 19 years old
krystal_live: Thank you, first of all....
krystal_live: My biggest dream now is probably for this first album to make the people involved and the people who get my music, for them to feel just love in general...
krystal_live: and for them to feel like they are a part of something really special.
krystal_live: And also my other part of that dream, of course everybody wants their album to be a success, that kind of comes with all that....
krystal_live: My other dream, honestly, is for the world to get to know who I am and who Mook is.
krystal_live: And who we are together.
krystal_live: And for us to get to know them.
Yahoo_Host1: Thanks so much to Krystal for taking time out of her busy schedule (shooting the video for Supergirl & being on tour with Backstreet Boys!)
krystal_live: Thank you to everybody in the chat, I love you all, Mook loves you all. Sorry I couldn't get to all the questions who came in, there were so many...but God bless you, and I hope to chat with you again soon!
Yahoo_Host1: Wow - what a sweetheart!
Yahoo_Host1: Make sure you stop by Krystal's website if you haven't already:

debyfernandes: bye Krystal we love you!

babyduck1284: Bye Krystal! Canada Loves You!

Yahooligan_Sara: Thanks so much!

thats_uh_me: she is so wonderful!!!

nickysgirl4eva: Bye Krystal!!!! You ROCK!!

holcur10: God Bless you Krystal!

debyfernandes: Bye Krystal!! I hope you can come to Brazil!

masterfin2000: Take care Krystal

angel_chic1669: Bye Krystal!


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