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MSN Chat Transcript

This is the transcript from the MSN chat on Wednesday, July 11, 2001. I was there, although, Krystal never answered my question. It was a mass of confussion in the room, so I don't blame her. Anway, read on. It's interresting.

DishDiva says: Welcome to MSN Live! This afternoon we are pleased to present a very special chat event with Krystal, whose new CD is "Me and My Piano."
DishDiva says: Krystal, welcome to MSN Live! It's a pleasure to meet you! Thanks for being here for the first time.
DishDiva says: Krystal, I know the first thing on everyone's mind is AJ.

MeeLuvBSBnKrystal in Onstage2 asks: Krystal, how do you feel about the whole AJ thing? You rock!

DishDiva says: How did you and Kevin meet?

Krystal_Live says: Whuzzup everybody?!! Thanks for comin! Let's get busy!
Krystal_Live says: First of all, thanks a lot! I'm very proud of A.J. for making the decision he did. He's a good friend of mine and I'm proud of him and I'm really happy about it. The choice he made will help other people.
Krystal_Live says: I met Mookie, my manager, Mookie and I are like Sonny and Shar, we work a lot together. He was talking to Kevin and Kevin said, "Mook, the boys and I have wanted to start a record label now and we want to do it with Krystal." I met Kevin a little after
Krystal_Live says: that and soon met the rest of the boys.

Krystalrulez in Onstage4 asks: do you feel you have accomplished all that you wanted to on your new album, Me and My Piano, (which by the way is awesome!)?
Krystal_Live says: First of all, thanks! And thanks for picking up the album! I am defenitely happy with the album and it shows who I am, so I'm happy.

rockerbaby720 in Onstage1 asks: What is the worst part about being famous?
DishDiva says: Is there a WORSE part?
Krystal_Live says: (laughs) Yeah. ha ha ha
Krystal_Live says: I'm still in the beginning and I don't really consider myself, I'm not Elvis Presley or anything. (laughs) Being in this position lets me reach out to people and let us rock together. That's the most awesome thing about this position. There's nothing bad,
Krystal_Live says: it's a complete blessing from the Lord.

charmedchick9 in Onstage3 asks: Why do you only go by your first name?
Krystal_Live says: Because it makes me stand out. I think that I'm all about about being me, being myself. I don't go around saying "Hi! I'm Krystal Harris." I just go around saying I'm Krystal, so I'm Krystal to the rest of the world.

Audygirl06 in Onstage1 asks: How was it working with Erick von Dettin? And just the whole music video?
Krystal_Live says: Erick von Dettin is really sweet. He's a really nice guy and has a great sense of humor. It was a total pleasure working on the video with him. He came and did some things with me for Disney, he's great!

Guest_KMEXICANFAN in Onstage1 asks: Krystal! I love you girl! When is your solo tour starting?
Krystal_Live says: I love you too!!!!!!!!!!!!
Krystal_Live says: I think hopefully after this year, coming into the beginning of next year, I hope to have a solo tour by then.

wicca_anna in Onstage3 asks: When did you learn to play the piano
Krystal_Live says: I started playing at the age of 3, because my mommy said "you will play the panio." (laughs) and I said, "yess mommy."

howie1682 in Onstage1 asks: On your album, what's your favorite song? You were great when you came to the March 17 show in San Diego.
Krystal_Live says: Thank you! I love San Diego, that's one of my second homes. My favorite song on the album, even though I kind of like all of them is, "You're the Reason." That's because it's the first one that me and Mookie ever produced together and it's the duet
Krystal_Live says: with the Backstreet Boys, so it became even more extra.

Guest_sw33t_9am3la in Onstage1 asks: What has it been like working with the Backstreet Boys?
Krystal_Live says: It's awesome! The boys are like my big brothers, they're very much like family. It's very cool to have them tell me to just do my thing and that's important for an artist like me, so I love um.

DishDiva says: Is it hard to be yourself in this business?
Krystal_Live says: Thanks to the boys and to Mookie, and many others I don't think it's been as hard as some artists get it. I'm not going to lie, we have some fights here and there, but if we didn't have fights, it wouldn't be real life. If I have some success with this
Krystal_Live says: first album, I'll be able to continue to be myself.

ICanBeASuperGirl in Onstage3 asks: Was there any particular inspiration behind writing the song "My Religion"?
Krystal_Live says: Yeah, absolutely. I grew up singing in the church and my parents are ministers so I grew up seeing the good and bad in church. That song came from that, I saw things going on that hurt people and I thought if we just focused on how much we loved it each
Krystal_Live says: other and that God loves us, then we could really be powerful people. So that's what that song is for.

rckangel404 in Onstage3 asks: How much has your life changed in the past few years?
Krystal_Live says: Oh my gosh!! Two years ago I graduated from High School, so I'd say it's changed a lot. (laughs)

blond_babe_21 in Onstage3 asks: Krystal you are the kewlest! What is the thing that you miss most when you are on the road touring?
Krystal_Live says: Thank you very very much! I miss being able to go to church every Sunday because it's very uplifting for me to see their smiling faces, and it's very uplifting for me. Even though I don't get to go every Sunday, I try and have my own church on Sunday.

JWRsupporter in Onstage2 asks: Krystal, your album is amazing!!! What did you like most/least about recording?
Krystal_Live says: Thank you! And thank you for picking it up, that means a lot to me. All I have to say about recording is.. I LOVE IT!
Krystal_Live says: Other people are into different things like going to see movies, sports, but for me, I am all about recording. It's all good.

Guest_Sn0wC0neKiD in Onstage1 asks: Hey Krystal, do you have a crush on in celebrities?
Krystal_Live says: I was just talking about this today. There's only one dude that I have a crush on and that's Lenny Kravitz.

PrideBSB in Onstage1 asks: Krystal you rock! Where's your home town?
Krystal_Live says: I am from Anderson, Iniana, which is a little down (not po-dunk) but it's a suburb of Indianapolis.
tanea3 in Onstage2 asks: Krystal, is there a certain person that "Angel on My Shoulder" is dedicated to? It seems like a very personal song.
Krystal_Live says: It's kind of a two fold type of song. Mainly it's about Christ who is always there when I'm down and let me be why I want to be. It's also about someone that I can't mention, someday everyone will know who it is, he's my inspiration. He's an awesome
Krystal_Live says: father, he's an awesome businessman, he rocks, he's superman.

KayKayB in Onstage4 asks: How many instruments do u play?
Krystal_Live says: I play piano, drums, flute, guitar, bass guitar, I play all those keyboard things.

Guest_briansgrl2002 in Onstage2 asks: Is Brian Littrell as nice as he seems?
Krystal_Live says: Yes, absolutely! He's totally full of spirit and very very sweet.

Audygirl06 in Onstage1 asks: Do you have any brothers or sisters?
Krystal_Live says: Actually I'm an only child.
agirl2009 in Onstage1 asks: What is your astrological sign?
Krystal_Live says: Scorpio.

Guest_Jenny in Onstage3 asks: What is the best thing about your career?
Krystal_Live says: I think I feel most blessed just to have the opportunity to do music for a living because it can impact many lives. I think music is all about love and I hope that people will understand how much I love them and God loves them. It's a great opportunity to
Krystal_Live says: inspire people and that's what I'm all about.

KFANMEX in Onstage3 asks: Krystal as a human, who makes mistakes, what have you learned from life as what is the most important value in your life?
Krystal_Live says: That's an awesome question!
Krystal_Live says: I think the thing I value most is life is love and I guess with that I would say Christ and his unconditional love. It's more concrete than anything in this life that we lead. It can reach out to anyone when they feel alone, when they make the mistake of
Krystal_Live says: their life, and don't feel you can go on, you can go on and feel that love. I value Christ more than anything.

DishDiva says: Is it hard to maintain morals in this industry?
Krystal_Live says: Honestly, no. No, because, for instance it's easier to be light if you're in the dark. If you just do your own thing, it's not hard at all.

broks_lady in Onstage4 asks: How do you feel when you hear your song on the radio? I mean, it must be so cool. Rock on, girl!
Krystal_Live says: Cool! It's awesome and it still kind of trips me out. It's one of those things you only dream of when you're young. It's cool to hear yourself on the radio, not only that but it's on the "Princess Diaries" soundtrack and also on the Disney Channel.
Krystal_Live says: Trailers had my song all over them like Shrek, Tomb Raider, so now I hear it a lot.

Audygirl06 in Onstage1 asks: Hi! If you could go anywhere where would you go?
Krystal_Live says: I'd like to come where you are! Where are you?

AmazonButerfly in Onstage2 asks: Who do you look to as a role model (celeb or not)?
Krystal_Live says: I think my role model is probably my manager Mook. He's a real one, he's there in my life every day, bustin my behind and doing his thing. He loves people but he's all about getting the job done. So I can look up to that. When it comes to music, my all
Krystal_Live says: time favorite is Prince. He plays like 26 instruments. He rules!

tanea3 in Onstage2 asks: How did you meet your manager, Mook? I noticed that he wrote a lot of the songs on your CD.
Krystal_Live says: I met him 3 years ago, we met though a mutual friend who lived in Indianapolis, and he told Mook he wanted to meet me while he was doing his work. We met and talked for 3 hours and had the save vision. So we figured out that we were supposed to be the
Krystal_Live says: Millennium Sonny and Cher without the junk, so that's how we live.

sweetgurl_2585 in Onstage1 asks: Very cool. How do you come up with the songs to put on the album?
Krystal_Live says: My inspiration comes from a couple of different things. From people that have changed my life, maybe doing something for me, been nice to me, or even been mean to me. Also Christ has been a big inspiration to me, he's the power behind everything.

HotCandy12 in Onstage5 asks: If you weren't a singer what would you be?
Krystal_Live says: I've been saying lately that if I wasn't a singer, I'd be a radio DJ because I think they are so cool. (DJ voice) Yo Yo it's all good here on MSN!
Krystal_Live says: I would also like to be a basketball player. I got to do 12 WNBA games, where I get to sing the National Anthem. I'm also doing the WNBA All Star Jam National Anthem there, so my basketball dreams are coming true.

ajxangel_nessa in Onstage3 asks: What's the funnest part about touring?
Krystal_Live says: The best part is that you get to perform every night. That's the best, it's what I live for. I get to go up with me, my piano, and my mic stand and perform every night. I get to meet a lot of people and do some in-store. I have one at the Wal-Mart in
Krystal_Live says: Buffalo, NY on the 14th. It's 2058 Transit Road, Williamsville, New York from 3-5pm. So everyone is western New York should come out! I want to see you!
DishDiva says: That would be this Saturday.

CelestialJillybean in Onstage1 asks: If I met you on the street, could you belt out an opera tune on the spot?
Krystal_Live says: Absolutely!! Don't you know that I don't go anywhere or meet anyone that I don't sing for. If this chat was audio, I would be belting out a song!!

Krystals_super_girl in Onstage3 asks: Krystal you rock! I just wanted to ask you, like every teenager what's the biggest lie you've ever told to your parents?
Krystal_Live says: Oh no!!! The biggest lie I told was on my senior prom night when I told them I wasn't going to be home until the morning around 2 or 3am and that I would be staying at a friends house between the end of prom until I came home. I didn't do that. (laughs)

DishDiva says: Did your parents ever find out. Before now?
Krystal_Live says: I stayed out all night with my prom date and got home around 6am. We got home and jumped in bed and pretended we had been there the whole time.
DishDiva says: Well, here you go, Mom and Dad!
Krystal_Live says: (laughs)

agrlof2001 in Onstage4 asks: What is the next single off the album?
Krystal_Live says: "Angel On My Shoulder."

Guest_strong4aj in Onstage5 asks: Do you like to pull pranks? if so, what's the biggest one you've pulled?
Krystal_Live says: (laughs) Honestly I tell people I'm kind of like a nerdy girl in my opinion, and other people think that too. (laughs) So I'm not good at pulling pranks, I am the one that gets pranked.
Krystal_Live says: Even my dad pulls pranks on me. My dad threw a gum wrapper down my throat. He wanted to look at my teeth and I opened my mouth and he threw a gum wrapper down. He laughed so hard.

crystalstar17 in Onstage2 asks: You've had so many dreams come true for you. What is your next big dream! Keep it up girl. You rule!
Krystal_Live says: My dad is the fourth stooge.
Krystal_Live says: I hope that the first album has some success so I can continue to do more music. I've always wanted to act and hopefully that dream will come true in the next few years and I hope to have the opportunity to do that.

Guest_Callie in Onstage2 asks: Have you been starstruck by anyone you've met so far?
Krystal_Live says: I haven't met Prince yet, unfortunately. The first person I met other than the boys was Lionel Richie and I was taken aback. He's a ledgend, he's so cool and down to earth. I met Whitney Houston and that was nuts. She came by the set of my video and she
Krystal_Live says: told me that she loved the video because she's a producer on "The Princess Diaries" so she stopped by and brought Bobby and her daughter Bobbi. She told me how she had a good feeling about me and thought I would do well. I was like,
Krystal_Live says: Lord, you're Whitney Houston!!!!

RockerGirl_117 in Onstage2 asks: Hi Krystal, I was one of the four girls at Tampa where you "Thanked" us, and i just wanted to know how is the responce like for you when you are performing on stage?
Krystal_Live says: It has been awesome, it's been loud, proud, totally like rock and roll. People have been so enthusiastic and ready to rock when I do my show. It's all I could want as a performer.

jeetrod42 in Onstage1 asks: Hey Krystal I was just wonderin what your tattoo is of? And ur CD rooocks! I love "Goodbye"! Keep up the good work girl! God Bless!
Krystal_Live says: Thanks! God bless you also. My tatoo is on my shoulder, it's a K with stars around it. K of course being for Krystal.

Lindsey_721 in Onstage3 asks: What is your favorite song of all time?
Krystal_Live says: I love so many songs. But I really really love the song "The Cross" by Prince.

kevsUPSgirl in Onstage2 asks: How can the fans show their support for AJ?
Krystal_Live says: I hope that everybody will just be so happy for him that he made this decision. Don't be sad, be happy. The decision he made can impact so many lives in a great way. You can write cards, maybe get together with people in your own city with the same

DishDiva says: Krystal, thank you for joining us today on MSN Live. You have been SO much fun! Best of luck with your new CD, "Me and My Piano."

Krystal_Live says: problem. Spread the love. For me at my CD signings and TV appearances, I'm going to be dedicating everything to AJ. He's an awesome performer and a good friend. So at my signings I'm going to do something special for him. I hope we all take action for him

Krystal_Live says: I love you all very much! Thank you all who have bought the CD, it means more than I can express. Those that haven't picked it up, I hope you will. I hope to see you, hopefully at the WNBA games. Keep an eye out for my TV appearances and hopefully you'll

Krystal_Live says: see me at some in-stores in Providence, Indianapolis, Denver, LA, Minneapolis. I hope to see you at my website at
Krystal_Live says: I'm on my website chatting all the time and I'd love to chat with you all. God bless.

DishDiva says: Thank you to Krystal for joining us today on MSN Live.
DishDiva says: All of your best wishes for AJ have been relayed to Krystal.
DishDiva says: Thank also to you the MSN Live audience and to today's hosts.
DishDiva says: See you again tomorrow for "Planet of the Apes" star, Helena Bonham Carter and Janet Jackson.


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