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Lycos Chat Transcript

This is the transcript from the Lycos Chat on Tuesday, April 24, 2001. I was not at this one, but I was able to get the transcript.

Events_Moderator: Howdy, folks! For those of you just joining us, tonight we are chatting with Krystal, the "Supergirl" sensation. She is on tour with The Backstreet Boys.

Events_Moderator: OK everyone, lets welcome Krystal, pop sensation, to this Live Event. Hi Krystal, welcome to Lycos Live Events! What's up?

Krystal: Not much, I just arrived from Indianapolis where I live, and I'm now in Dallas!

LLDgirl222: Who are your favorite musicians out there right now?
Krystal: Let's see . . . hmm . . . I of course like the Backstreet Boys, but I'm really into a lot of classic artists. My heroes are Micheal Jackson, Prince, Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Billy Joel . . . piano players are the best. I also like Bon Jovi, Lifehouse, Linkin Park, Papa Roach . . . all the new rock bands. :)

KCarter: If you could thank one person in your life for making your dream come true, who would it be and why?

Krystal: It would be my partner and manager, Mookie. He has, let me put it this way, when I met him everything that happened to me before that point made sense. I knew he was supposed to be my partner, and that we were supposed to be a team! We're kind of like Sonny and Cher, the millennium version. He made me who Krystal is today.

Aphrodite711: If you could give one piece of advice to today's youth, what would it be? Thanks, you rock!
Krystal: Oh, thank you! You rock, too! Wow, that's a good question. I think it would be to remember always to be yourself. And when you do that, remember how much God loves you and that you can make your dreams come true if you believe in the special light inside of you down deep. It may sounds corny, but it's true!

Kc1520: How did it feel to have your concert recorded for a TV special? (The one in Los Angeles on March 15th.) .
Krystal: It was a big blessing, considering that I've never done that before! {laughs} It was good preparation for Mexico City, too, because I did one there. It was cool to have the Boys with me, because of the opportunity they've given me. :)

thesu: Who sings "Love is a Beautiful Thing" a cappella with you on the Wal-Mart webcast? Those singers had tight harmonies!
Krystal: That was Take 6.

EvlynLovesBSB: How do you feel about being seen as a positive role model for teenage girl? My daughter admires and respects you for your singing talent and the lyrical content of your songs. How do you feel about being such a big influence?
Krystal: I feel very humbled by that. Being a regular kid from Indiana, but having a really big dream that I believe God put in my heart, I feel like I could live the same life as somebody. I feel like I could be in anybodys shoes. And so, I feel for everybody, for everybodys problems and hurts and whatnot, and I feel good about being a positive role model. If that makes any sense! {laughs} Not to mention I love everybody so much, and I believe that music is about love, and it's an important message for people to get. :)

Princess_Sparkle: What do you want to accomplish in the music business?
Krystal: So many things! Of course, I want to have the success that others before me have had, like Micheal and Prince, who are legends. But I also want people to hear the message that me and Mook have to bring, that music is about love.

krystal_superangel: What did you feel when you saw all the people from Mexico City supporting you, even when English is not their native tongue? How do feel about being so accepted there and are you planning to go back?
Krystal: It felt AWESOME! Yes, I hope to go back in the very, very near future. It was great to feel the love that I got from people there. They were so sweet and took care of us so well. Music can pass language barriers, so even though I want to learn Spanish *really bad*, our hearts connected and that's what made it awesome.

lilshiningangel: Its Jamie! Wassup? I'd just like to start off by saying that we absolutely LOVE you in Canada! You totally tore it up on stage in Toronto. Ok, my question is when will you start your own tour? Will you need any backup singers?

Krystal: {laughs} Hey Jamie! Thanks for all the love . . . gosh. I love Canada. My manager Mook has family in Canada, and is from Canada. It was awesome to go there, and we're going to be back this summer. This year when the Boy's tour is over, I hope to go on my own tour then. If everything is a success. We all hope!

Joycehikki: Will you come to Asia to promote your CD? I had won a contest & went to Tacoma to attend the BS concert. Your performance was awesome!
Krystal: Wow! That's so cool! After the European leg of the tour, in the fall, we are coming to Asia. And after Asia to Australia, and hopefully, I can see you there. :)

gritty211: What was it like the first time you sang onstage in front of thousands of people?
Krystal: Oh, my Lord! The first time I ever sang in front of "thousands" of people was the first date of the Backstreet Boys tour. It was January 19th in Ft. Lauderdale. That was the happiest feeling I could have to see so many smiling faces. I almost fell on the floor! {laughs} Honestly, being on stage in front of those cool people, I think I'm happier there than I am here, walking around in real life! {laughs}

Drewbie82: How did you first meet your manager Mook?
Krystal: Aw, thank you for asking that question! I *love* to talk about Mook. I met him in Indianapolis through a guy named Earl Coleman. Mook was coming to Indianapolis to produce a group there, and Earl said, "Mook, why don't you come and meet Krystal." So he came, and I met him backstage at a concert. Afterwards, we went to Earl's apartment to talk, and we ended up talking for about three hours solid. We talked about how we were on the same path, doing the exact same thing, and how we were what each other had waited for, and how we were meant to be a team!

AJs_sis_69: I'm a big fan and I have this one big question thats been eating me since the day I heard your song My Religion: Will your album be released in India?
Krystal: Oh wow, you're from India, that's SO COOL! You know what, I'm not exactly sure, but the album is called Me and My Piano and I sure hope that it gets to you soon, because you're so important to me. :)

just_a_girl8402: Who came up with the idea for the song Supergirl?
Krystal: That was me and my writing partner, J. Moran. I was basically sitting down writing on at twenty five-cent steno pad in a drug store. I was writing about wanting to be a supergirl and change people's lives and kick some butt, and he helped me write a song about it after I did some journal entries.

Canadian_Krystal_Fan: Hey Krystal! I love your music! You just taped your very first video for "Supergirl" . . . how did it feel?
Krystal: It was awesome! It was a three-day shoot in LA and it was a joy to work with all the people who were there, because when you're young you never really think you'll do your own video someday. But during the shoot, there were some drop ins by "special friends. For instance, there was some male special guests there . . . I won't mention who, but you know who they are. Supergirl is the first video for a new movie The Princess Diaries, which will be out August 3rd. Whitney Houston stopped by, and she is one of the producers for this movie. She came by to say how much she loved the song, and how much she thought I was going to do real well, and encouraged me a lot. That was *really* a blessing!

crazy_krystal_fan: Is there anything you regret? If so, what is it and how would you change it?
Krystal: That's a hard question. Sometimes, I think I regret being an only child. I mean, my life is really awesome, and I don't have much to complain about, but I also used to wish a lot that I had a brother or a sister to share it with. I think I still do sometimes now, but when I met my manager Mook, I inherited a bunch of brothers and sisters, because he is from a very large family. He's got live five brothers and one sister, and they've all become my family. So I guess you can say that regret is not there anymore! {laughs}

ItGot2bBSB: What's it like to be onstage and what's your favorite part about it? Also, what was your reaction the first time you heard yourself on the radio? Thanks, you rock!
Krystal: You're the greatest too! I love to be on stage. Like I said, I think I feel more comfortable there than I do going to eat at Taco Bell! {laughs} My favorite part about being onstage is that it is an awesome opportunity to share the gift that I've been given with other people, and share what I've got to say with other people. It was really weird to hear myself on radio, and actually that was just recently. And it was crazy to think that at that moment, tons of people were hearing my song! {laughs} All around good feeling.

CCC14: How old were you when you decided you wanted to entertain?
Krystal: I started singing in front of people in church when I was two years old. But I when I decided that I wanted to be a "entertainer" was when I was about 6 years old, and I started to do talent contests. I realized, wow, I can really help people. I can make people happy doing this. I think that really motivated me, and put me where I am now . . . or where I *hope* to be, shortly after where I am now! {laughs}

Sweet_Mari asks: Hey angel! It's Mari, how are you doing? I know you love to meet your fans and hang out with them, so I was wondering how is it to have a lot of new friends? Have any of them ever cried when meeting you? And finally, what was the best present youve ever received from a fan?

Krystal: I have met a lot of really awesome people who I definitely consider my friends. And yeah, a good number have cried when they met me. Which is weird, because I think of myself as a regular chick, you know? But I'm also blessed by that, because I understand they know how much I love them, and how much my music is all about love. I think one of the best gifts I've received from what I call friends, what other people call fans, would have to be a Supergirl comic that I got, and I've also got Superman comics from people. I've just recently started collecting those.

Events_Moderator: I hate to say it, but we have to wrap this up in a few minutes. Our time with Krystal is almost up. OK gang, we'll take just a few more comments or questions.

shannon33: I love you so much! Your voice is beautiful. I was wondering what was the one thing that keeps you going when the tour gets tough?

Krystal: I love you too, very much! When it seems that my brain is kind of jumbled up, and I can't seem to think straight, because my schedule is hectic and, like you said, the tour gets "rough, I usually take a break, sit down, grab my Bible and I read it. It seems that just a couple of words about the truth, or about somebody that cares about me, can really clear my mind up. It can give me an energy boost. I also find it helpful sometimes when I can't get to the Book, to just say a little prayer.

underwater_babylove: How do you feel to be exposed to a younger fan base because the Backstreet Boys? Do you hope to widen your fan base/
Krystal: Sure, I hope to have a really large fan base of many different types of people, young, old, and everything in between. I also feel really honored to have the opportunity to be in front of the Boys, because they have been nothing but loving toward me, and I feel I'm a part of a big family. Not to mention, I am a girl, too, and I was younger than 19 at one time, so I can relate to them. Believe it or not, you will see older people at those concerts! To make a long story short, I feel blessed to be part of the Boy's tour.

Fracksgirl8503: What do you think has opened your eyes the most?
Krystal: Boy these are good questions y'all are asking me! Other than meeting my partner, Mookie, which I believe is a gift straight from God, I think the thing that has opened my eyes, and every day continues to help me out is my relationship with Jesus. He has totally revolutionized my life, and made me able to do what I do now. I love Him more than anything in the world. Because of that, my eyes are *wide* open!! {laughs}

mulletsyeah: Do you enjoy doing things like this chat?
Krystal: Oh, totally! I've done a couple of other chats like this one, and it's been nothing but *fun*!

ShowchoirMOM: Any dreams of doing Broadway some day?
Krystal: Yes! Because it's not only important that I want to conquer the entire world of music . . . {laughs} . . . and that includes Broadway, but also because when was in high school, we did a lot of theater, and I was in Show Choir. Now I know Show Choir is the corniest thing on the planet, but it gave me a love of Broadway music. One day I hope to be in Funny Girl. I know nobody can do it better than Barbara, but one day Id like to give it a shot! {laughs}

Events_Moderator: Thanks Krystal, we had a really good time chatting with you. We will have to do this again some time!

Krystal: Thank you very much, I've had a *blast*, and I hope to talk with all of you again in the future! Don't forget how much I love you guys, and don't forget to keep playing your instruments. And keep rocking! I hope to see a lot of you on tour, very soon!

Events_Moderator: Thanks again for coming everyone. You've been a WONDERFUL crowd. And a BIG one! See ya next time at Lycos Live Events!


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